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campaigns drip marketing Feb 02, 2022

We have previously covered why subscribers are important, there are a couple of options available to you when you’ve collected someone’s email address. The simple and easiest route is to use the stay in touch system which uses consistency in order to deliver results, but what if we want to take it a level up? This is where a drip campaign might be appropriate.

What are drip campaigns?

Drip campaigns normally come in the form of email but can actually cover different media, it is all about the timing rather than the delivery. The reason it is most commonly used in email is it can be easily automated.

A drip campaigns timing is triggered and run independently for each subscriber or lead. So you can configure the schedule as you wish, for example:

Day 1 - Welcome email with selection of services and information links
Day 3 - Property market research
Day 7 - Latest news with a soft CTA of free valuation
Day 10 - Offer on services
Day 13 - More property market intel
Day 18 - Property market intel with a download
Day 20 - Call our local experts for a free valuation

You may want to keep the drip going depending on how long you feel you need to help conversions but not too intensely to burn your subscription list.

The idea behind drip campaigns is when subscribers give you their details they are in the best mind space to receive content from you as it is fresh in their mind, it might also be the decision phase they are in. So this allows you to contact them more often in the beginning but spread out more in the end.

What content should you be sending?

Essentially whatever proves the most effective. Usually hard sell emails do not get a good response, it should be content that provides some value to the subscriber. A time limited offer can work well especially if it is personalised, but only for subscribers who are ready to proceed with a buying decision. We all receive offers from the shops and business we like and sometimes they’re enough to twist our arms (think Pizza Express) but they only work when we’ve got the opportunity to go out for lunch. A drip campaign might aim to take someone through their entire customer journey.

How to start doing drip campaigns

Your email service provider will normally have the feature, if not the main providers do and have simple guides to setting them up:

Taking drip campaigns up a level

So you have the basic drip campaign setup for your estate agents, how can you take it further? You could start different campaigns with different material depending who the subscriber is e.g. Landlords, Potential sellers or Buyers. You could also test 2 different campaigns to see which is more effective, you could change things like content, timings, sales intensity.

An even more sophisticated setup could see different subscribers moving drip campaigns based on the actions they take, i.e your welcome email had a link to a blog about Thinking of selling in Spring? Most people didn’t click so remain on the initial campaign, those that did might move to a different campaign with a Spring offer for valuations booked in this month.

So why not get started to see if drip campaigns get you more leads today, start simply maybe with 3 or four emails and then experiment from there as you gain in confidence and start seeing the results.

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